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How Do I Keep My Ferret Entertained?

With ferrets as pets, there may come a lot many questions about them like how do I prepare for ferrets at home, how do I make space for ferrets at home, how do I keep my ferret entertained, etc. Ferrets are playful and caring creatures. They love to be around people and play in the best… Read More »

What Fly Spray Works Best for Horses?

Fly sprays which can be easy to understand that it kills flies and another sort of species like it. Fly spray’s main ingredient is organophosphates. It was an insecticide which unable the insect to breathe literally paralyze them even to move or fly according to what fly spray works best for horses. Fly spray protect… Read More »

Thermal Imaging Online Course

The course curriculum will include online study, marketing/business coaching and an interactive hands on experience. EquineIR™ has affiliated with Seasoned Veterinarian Joanna Robson,DVM and Certified Journeyman Farrier Michael DeLeonardo Jr., APF in an effort to offer the complete Equine Infrared Technician solution. EquineIR™ is taught by licensed Veterinarians and Farrier trained in thermography along with… Read More »

Michael DeLeonardo Jr., CJF,APF Certified Journeyman Farrier

Michael travels throughout the United States and out of the country. He is more that happy to do consultations with owner, veterinarian and farrier to restore the horse to whole wellness. Michael pays special attention to each horse and riding discipline making sure to take down even the slightest changes in the horse’s hoof from… Read More »