Client Testimonials

Out of South Africa

“On receiving the report on a full body thermal scan of my clients’ horse who had been lame for 2 years, it was very apparent there were significant issues with all four of his horse’s feet. My clients’ new farrier had been trying to resolve the problems with corrective shoeing for the past 4 months but felt he had reached a plateau. It was so great to be able to turn to Mike for further advice and guidance. With the aid  of technology, my client and her farrier had the opportunity to talk one on one with Mike. Mike provided the guidance over the next few months and it was such a special moment to receive a mail in my inbox just 6 months later from my client sharing the news that she had managed to enjoy a short canter on her horse and he had remained sound.

Mike’s willingness to share his expertise with farriers here in South Africa is testament to his passion to help all horses and ensure that those entrusted to care for the hooves, have the knowledge and skill to do it right. Thank you Mike. Your dedication to helping our farriers get it right is much appreciated. ”

Dinah Curling – Cape Town, South Africa

Dinah Curling Level 1 Thermographer, Equine Certified Technician Certified Saddle FitterCell +27 82 784 3352

Veterinarian from Arizona

Mike DeLeonardo has the experience, credentials and integrity that causes me to turn to him whenever I have the need for a farrier consultation to improve the horse’s balance, causing an increased effectiveness in the chiropractic/body balancing work I am performing for the horse or an impartial opinion on changing the farriery being done. Mike’s reports are thorough and presented in a way that is instructive yet non-confrontational. His expertise, integrity and desire to help both horse and human are evident in each report. Mike DeLeonardo is my “go-to” person for all professional farrier advice.

Debra K Tibbitts, DVM

Healing Hands Equine Mobile Veterinary Service
Queen Creek, AZ